Thursday, 1 January 2015

Ginger Rogers..

Well the first post of the new year..HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone who visits and a big THANK
YOU to everyone who keeps coming back and leaves a comment or two, they are always welcome and appreciated....


  1. Very good !!!! Happy new year, dear John !

  2. merci beaucoup Christophe, bonne année

  3. cool pic! Nice caricature of my GIRL!!!! I'm going to link this particular post in my blog, Gingerology... there will hopefully be some more folks dropping by, if that's cool...

    Keep up the greatness!!!

    VKMfanHuey - Lead Gingerologist at Gingerology (see link below)

  4. thanks very much
    VKMfanHuey...pleased you liked it enough to put on your blog...look forward to everyone dropping by...