Monday, 2 July 2012

Morecambe and Wise ..with Andre Previn..

I'm not sure how this one came about...I was searching google for someone to draw and saw a reference to Eric Morecambe....which led to Morecambe and Wise..which led to this...
it was a sketch from the 1971 Christmas show with the famous conductor Andre Previn...I remeb
mber laughing out loud  when it was first on ,and watched it again last night on you tube...still very funny...worth watching...go to you tube search Morecambe and Wise with Andre Previn..or was the Prevue or Privet......anyway enjoy...
by the way the reason for the blurred violinist in the back ,is he is really having a good laugh  at the goings on...


  1. Playing all the right notes, but necessarily in the right order ... a classic!!
    If you're ever in Morecambe visit his statue.

    1. as someone on facebook wrote...I've drawn all the right lines but not necessarily in the right order.......
      keep meaning to have a trip and see his statue..

    2. Well woth it, just to do the dance stance next to the statue. You can then pretend your in Poirot by visiting the Midland hotel for drinks (take your chq book in a holster tho') Chq books now that's old skool!!