Thursday, 10 November 2011


NO I don't mean the kind you use at home, I mean the people who are professionals and do it to make a living....
I have taken the last few commissions I have done to my local printers in St helens and found the help received with regard to the type of paper etc has been great..and the quality of finish far superior to that from my own the course of conversation I found that one of the partners was a cartoonist naturally the conversation turned to cartoons,caricatures etc..
Where is this leading ,you may ask....well the printers have very kindly put up on the wall of there shop a caricature I have done of them ,together with a sign giving my details,,AND printed some cards for me ,AND have put some in a holder on the wall next to the drawing to hopefully get me some commissions.....and the charge......Nothing.....who said that there aren't any nice people about???
So a very big THANKYOU to Duncan (visit his blog at Michelle and Paul at TRIPRINT ..16-20 Water St
So if you need anything printed you know who to contact....


  1. Awwwh Shucks, thank you for the kind words John. How did you get on with your Open submission? I got my Tintin "ham"age in the other one is in MASH. Your Chrimbo cards will be ready Monday afternoon. Thanks again. BFN.

  2. My pleasure Duncan...had notification back on Friday ,had both entries accepted.Will call for cards either Mon pm or Tues morning..

  3. John, you are such a gentleman. You have such a fantastic skill with an incredible amount of patience. You also have such kind words for us. I am in awe of your work and hope lots (and lots) of people take your business cards and you are able to produce more of your amazing pictures and give them to people who truly appreciate how great your work is!
    Thanks again!
    From Michelle xx (and Paul)

  4. Michelle thank you so much for your kind words..this is the nicest comment I have ever received on my blog.I do very much appreciate what you are all doing for me at Triprint and I hope that we can all benefit from all our endeavors..John