Saturday, 15 January 2011

Glenn Close


Glenn Close in 101 Dalmations
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  1. Blimey you have been busy love all your new ones and the blog header !!!!

  2. Cheers Tony had a bit of time off over Xmas so made the most of it !!!

  3. OOOOOh behave !....Who got a How to draw caricature book ,eh?...Your certainly bangin' 'em out, son ,well done. The only slip, in my totally unimportant opinion was your Niven pic. It was good and instantly recognisable ,but you missed something somewhere ,But the others are really good, dont blame me for a slight moan ,its your fault you've made the rod for your own back.
    Well done

  4. Tim I hate to say this but I've got several books on how to draw caricatures but I 'm not sure that they are doing me any good !!!!!but will keep
    Your opinion is important (@//**# I lie I and I do agree with you about Niven.It was only when I posted it here and on a couple of forums that I realised that there was something wrong....I know there is a problem with the is bigger, but I think the real problem is with his mouth and chin...BUT I shall carry on regardless and look forward with pleasure to reading any future comments you are always welcome....John