Saturday, 6 November 2010

Michelle pfeiffer

I did a picture of her last year and thought I would do another just to see if there was any improvement !!!! this was done using Artrage on the computer and finished using ArtStudio on the ipad..


  1. Great stuff how have I missed all these you are really on form specially like the John Lennon and George Melly two great characters and you have an I pad are you rich or something :)

  2. Many thanks for your kind words Tony.It's always nice to hear from you and I appreciate your comments..hope all is well with you?

  3. Great job John !!
    Thanks a lot for your kind comment,
    I finished my facebook account.
    It makes my crazy.It was impossible to see what I posted,not on my homepage,not on the public page.I let you know because I think you are a friend of me.
    jan :)

  4. Thanks Jan,I will keep checking your blog for all your work...

  5. This is great !!
    I'm a big pfan of Michelle Pfeiffer and I'm always on the look out for artwork like this.
    Thanks for sharing it :)

  6. Thanks for visiting Paul and for your comment...appreciated