Friday, 18 June 2010

Giovanni Guareschi..

I've just bought a 1952 edition of the book "the little world of Don Camillo" by Giovanni. I read this book years ago and am pleased to have a copy and enjoy the funny stories of Don Camillo and his adversary Peppone the mayor and communist party leader in the village.
As well as writing Guareschi was a caricaturist and cartoonist..hope you like it Ps read the book its great....


  1. John, Thank you for reminding me of The Little World of Don Camillo. Did you know that the stories were made into a film (1952)? Before both our times, I suspect.

  2. Brendan I'm glad it reminded you..I read the books years ago when my wife worked at our town library ,and its only recently I thought of them...bought a couple of 1950's editions off Amazon...unfortunately was on this earth in 1952 BUT not walking never mind watching films !!!!

  3. Glad it reminded you Brendan....they are great stories.I've just bought a couple of 1950's editions off Amazon....I didnt know about the film ,I'll have to see if there is a copy of it... was 2 years old in 1952 !!!!!!!!